Minimum Payments

The Math Behind the Minimum: The True Cost of Minimum Payments

Most credit card companies keep their exact algorithms for determining minimum payments under wraps. However, there are whole threads of research by mathematicians and statisticians who try to break down the math behind the minimum, using the Bond Valuation Formula. Quite simply, it is: ?=?(1+?)+?(1+?)2+…+?(1+?)?=?∑?=1?(1+?)−? Got it? If that’s slightly ahead of your high-school-level calculus, […]

Money Habits

5 Bad Money Habits That Can Lead to Financial Uncertainty

Do you ever keep track of how much you spend and where you spend it? Have you noticed a pattern in your spending? Money habits can be the reason we fall into financial uncertainty.  Bad money habits can happen to anyone, especially myself. One year I spent a total of $600 dollars at Starbucks just […]

taking charge of financial stress

Taking Charge Of Your Financial Stress!

If you are trying to cope with stress and anxiety due to financial challenges, you are not alone. The coronavirus has caused financial uncertainty for too many people. Either yourself or someone you know. Worrying about money and bills can cause a big burden on your daily life.  Financial stress can also play a role […]

consumer debt

US Consumer Debt Statistics – Post Pandemic

What is Consumer debt?  Debt is an obligation that the borrower (the debtor) must pay off to the lender (the creditor). Consumer debt consists of personal debts that are owed such as credit card debt, student loan debt, auto loans, mortgages, and payday loans. These are purchases made for an individual or household use. At […]


Coronavirus: 5 Mental Health Impacts of Financial Debt

Financial Debt Since the Beginning of the Pandemic: Has the coronavirus pandemic caused some level of financial stress? Have you been drowning in various amounts of debt? Whether it is credit card debt or personal loan debt, the pandemic caused a lot of hardship for many Americans. Many people lost hours and jobs which made […]


What is a Debt Settlement Program?

If you are like the majority of Americans, debt can sneak up on you seemingly out of nowhere. From student loan debt, to credit card debt, it is often a struggle to pay off for many. The overwhelming feeling that takes hold sometimes seems impossible to shake. Many people get so stressed and burdened by […]


Out of the Box Tips to Improve Your Credit Score

We know paying off debt is a duty. Paying it early is sacred. While that is true for credit, the same may not be said for the credit FICO score. And though we have made them our holy grail for day-to-day finance, it is neither always accurate nor logical to apply credit scores as a […]


Steps to Writing a Personal Budget for Financial Planning

A financially sound mind is better equipped to deal with day-to-day struggles, lead healthy lives, and prepare for a better future. It takes away your singular money-mindedness and opens you up to newer and more significant life experiences. But we all know this. However, we still spend all, never save enough money, and forget to […]


What is Capital Preservation & How It Works for You?

The protection or preservation of capital is the foundation of any well-balanced investment portfolio. In the personal finance industry, the term Capital Preservation is generally used to specify two objectives: 1) protecting the absolute value of a monetary asset or 2) inflation-proofing a financial asset to preserve its purchasing power. In short, a capital preservation fund allows your allocated funds to buy […]


How to Manage Debt – Your Self-Help Guide

Before you learn how to manage debt, you must first realize that having debt is common. It’s not your fault. In fact, it’s not a fault at all. Whether you buy a car, a home, a jet, or monthly groceries – our society (and economy) depends on the steady disbursal of different sizes of debts to […]


How to Consolidate Credit Card Debt – What You Need to Know

What does it mean to consolidate credit card debt? Like any other debt consolidation program, credit card debt consolidation is basically bringing all your scattered multiple credit card payments under one joint payment scheme. Consolidating debt simplifies (and sometimes reduces) your monthly payments, can reduce interest rates, and ultimately frees up more opportunities to save. […]


Debt Management vs. Debt Settlement

If you are in debt, chances are that you have credit cards, a car loan, and even a mortgage payment. You might also have other unsecured debt such as medical debt, business loans, or student loans that you’re still paying off. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. When debt is used correctly, it allows you […]


What is a Debt Management Plan?

Managing your debt can be extremely stressful and have a significant impact on your future financial goals. Many times, when debt seems to be out of control, we often do not see the options that are available to help get us back on our feet. Debt management is one solution. A debt management plan (DMP) […]


How long does it take to improve credit score?

More than likely, you have had your fair share of good and bad credit. Most of us have. Regardless of the reason, our credit history is impacted by many things, and it starts the very first day you take out a loan, a credit card, or make a purchase on payments. If you are like […]

what is a personal budget

Personal Budgeting – How Anyone Can Use This Method

Have you ever wondered where all your money has gone at the end of the month? Do you want to save money for a big purchase or save up for a “rainy day”? Personal budgeting may not sound all that exciting, but it can keep financial balance in your household. Creating a personal budget will […]


Debt Settlement VS. Bankruptcy

Have you fallen so far behind on credit card payments or have you accrued too much debt for your income? Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence. Many individuals see the financial impact these issues have on their day to day lives. In this article, you will have information to help you decide between a […]


Debt Settlement Pros and Cons

The big question, is debt settlement a viable option? The answer is it depends on your situation. Just like with everything else, there are many debt settlement pros and cons. With a solution like debt settlement you must be educated before making your decision. Read below to find out if debt settlement is the right […]


Debt Settlement vs. Debt Consolidation

When you are in a financial bind, it is easy to make rash decisions before doing your research. Since you have landed here, it is clear you are on the right track and looking for help. This article provides you with information regarding the differences between using program of debt settlement vs debt consolidation loan. […]


Debt Consolidation Loan vs. Personal Loan

In today’s society, it is easy to become financially unstable when debts pile up. From job changes or loss, medical issues, or just merely trying to ‘keep up with the Jones’, there are multiple ways for you to quickly lose track of your financial budget. Keeping your debt-to-income ratio low is the key advantage of […]

What is debt consolidation - Roundleaf Inc

What is Debt Consolidation? | Roundleaf

Like it does for so many Americans, personal debt can weigh heavily on our minds. We often think or feel like there is no way out. However, there are options available to relieve debt accumulation.  Debt consolidation may be the answer to your current situation. Provided in this article is information on what debt consolidation […]


5 More things you NEED to know about debt negotiations and settlements.

Too often, our “bad” debt spirals out of control, especially with credit cards and other forms of revolving debt reaching $25,000, $40,000, or even $75,000 with no way to pay them off. At that point, the minimum payments alone become a burden every month, and it would take decades to pay off at a ludicrous […]


Ask the best in the business: 5 Things you should know about debt negotiations and settlements.

Are you in debt, chances are that you have credit cards, maybe a car loan, and even a mortgage. You might also have medical debt, business loans, or student loans that you’re still paying off. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as debt used correctly allows us to obtain assets, create opportunities, and afford things […]


Breaking down successful debt negotiations and settlements:  The leverage of the lump sum.

At Roundleaf Inc., we’re in the business of negotiating and setting debt for our clients, among other services that make sure they’re on a better financial path. And while we’re the industry leader in safe and effective debt negotiations, we also like to take the time to educate our clients, audience, and the general public […]


The powerful secret behind successful debt negotiations!

Let’s say a friend approaches you one day, asking for a loan. Maybe they’ve had some unexpected costs or a cutback at work? Whatever the reason, you hand them $1,000. But, even though they’re a friend, you want to be smart about it, so you set the terms of the loan very clearly – they […]


5 Shocking Statistics About Debt.

When we talk about the economy and our finances, most of us check in on a number of key statistics, including unemployment rates, the Dow Jones stock market average, and even mortgage interest rates. However, the numbers we should be paying attention to on a macro scale paint a far gloomier picture of the U.S. […]


All debt is negotiable – and here’s how that may help you.

To the tens of thousands of banks, lenders, credit card companies, and financial organizations in the U.S., you are just a number. You’re a number on a long list of numbers, personally defined only by characteristics like your loan balance, credit score, payment history, and profile as a consumer. They aren’t in business to help […]


Is homeownership still the American Dream?

When our parents and grandparents were growing up, this formula for a secure, comfortable, and happy life was simple: go to school, get a good job, get married, buy a house, pay off your mortgage (and raise your kids), and retire comfortably. In fact, since the end World War II, when millions of GIs came […]


Financial stress is keeping us up at night – but it doesn’t have to!

Americans are feeling the full weight of their precipitous financial situations – and it’s keeping them up at night. At least, that’s the findings of several recent studies about the prevalence and effects of financial stress from sea to shining sea. In fact, most of us have worried about money, mounting debt, and how we’re […]

student loan debt

Roundleaf Uncovers The State of Student Loan Debt In America.

There’s a rising tide of Student loan debt in the United States that’s threatening to erode the financial stability and promise of a bright future for tens of millions of Americans, middle-class Americans, as well as generations to come. However, it’s not another Mortgage Meltdown and real estate crash we have to be wary of, […]

debt settlement is your best option

Is Debt Settlement Your Best Option?

When is Debt Settlement Your Best Option for Repairing Your Credit? I’ve sat down with hundreds – if not thousands – of clients over the last few years. Each one with their own unique financial situation and story of how they got there. The one thing that they all have in common is that they have […]

The Journey to Overcome Financial Stress

Financial Stress can seem impossible to get out of. If you have ever been faced with paying down high interest debt, you know it can start to feel overwhelming at times; almost as if your debt is simply running your life and you’re just along for the ride. Many people go through times like this […]

employee burnouts

Preventing Employee Burnouts

Employee burnouts are a common trend especially within the Bay Area. Small companies may experience the problem of having too much work and not enough staff. Oftentimes this leads to team members lacking the energy or motivation to come to work. Employee burnouts can result in poor customer experience and a bad feeling in the […]


Hiring Tips for Small Firms

Hiring can seem like a nightmare sometimes, especially for smaller firms.  Although any business can have issues hiring new staff members, smaller firms have the added pressure of making sure that each member of their team is going to accurately represent their company.  CEO and owner of Roundleaf Inc. Richard Hua wrote an article for […]


10 Reasons Why Your Debt Keeps Rising

1. Past medical bills: insurance may not have been able to cover them entirely, leaving you with more than you can afford 2. Source of income decreased: whether it be losing a job, having hours cut at work or a death in the family, monthly bills cannot be paid with current monthly income 3. Poor [...]
The college Student Guide: How to not Overspend

The College Student Guide: How to Not Overspend

While it might sound dramatic, admitting you have a problem with spending money is the first step to stopping and taking control of your own finances. Being a college student is already hard enough without worrying about money. As a college student there are various opportunities to spend money when you might not necessarily have […]


Your Personal Health is Dependent on Your Financial Health

Your Personal Health is Financial Health Media experts stress about the trend of increased personal debt and its negative financial impact on the country. Few talk about how bad debt hurts individuals on a personal level: your home and your health. Unfortunately, we often gloss over the mental toll of having a growing debt, especially […]

credit card debt

The True Cost of Credit Card Debt

Many people pay off credit card debt only to fall back into it. Kyra thought she’d never get into trouble with her credit cards again after she’d finally managed to control her spending habits. However, when her business fell apart, she found herself facing the same problems again. Balance transfers seemed like the perfect way […]

interest rates

How Your Credit Score Can Affect Your Interest Rates

  Your credit score is the primary factor in determining the interest rates creditors will charge you. Your credit score, good or bad, reflects your credit history. So the higher your credit score, the less of a risk you pose to the lender. If you have a low credit score, creditors will charge higher interest […]