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We pride ourselves on working closely with you to get you out of debt. Through our process of partnership, we are able to help you reach your goals by

  • Reducing and eliminating your debt
  • Improving your credit score
  • Restoring your wealth

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Why Reset The Debt?

An estimated eleven million people have had to borrow to make ends meet during the pandemic, with the biggest increases in debt amongst the poorest households.

People who were previously able to keep their head above water are now in severe difficulty. Others, who had been just staying afloat, now face being overwhelmed by circumstances entirely beyond their control.

  • Boost your credit scores
  • Qualify for better financing
  • Avoid bankruptcy
  • Increase your personal cash flow

How it works?

During Discovery, we will evaluate your situation and determine if you qualify for a Reset program:

  • 1. Submit Form

    Start Today! Tell us about your debt situation by filling out our form so we can help answer any questions!

  • 2. Free Consultation

    Speak with a financial expert about your situation. Get a free credit report reading and budget assessment!

  • 3. Deciding Factors

    We will discuss all debt relief options available to you according to your situation to help you make the right choice!

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Our customers have said…

“…No way I could have done this without Richard and his team at Roundleaf. they know the ins and outs of how to work with creditors. And his advice is directed at getting you on your feet but with compassion realizing you need to have a life and realistic expectations of how long it will take to get out of debt. I am so excited to be in the rebuild phase now…tip…be sure you save extra money on your own for the taxes you must pay on the forgiven debt. It’s considered income and came as a huge surprise to me. You need a tax expert for that help.”

Debt Relief Review
Tahra Makinson-Sanders

Our Customers Frequently Ask…

  • Typically people save approximately 50% of what they owe including our fees. Our fee is a percentage of what you owe that ranges from 14-17% of your debt load. For our Rebuild and Refocus programs, it depends on what you need to be serviced. Contact us directly to receive our best quote.
  • We will not charge you. We do not believe in charging our clients for not successfully resolving their debt. See if you qualify today!
  • Between 30% and 40% in most cases. There are always exceptions.
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