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Having money and building wealth are not the same. While the first is about having the means to an end, the latter is the end game itself – financial freedom. Everyone has their own meaning attached to it and equally different ways to go about it. Some financial goals are easy to achieve; others not so much. But with meticulous planning and determination to survive the long haul, leading a financially and mindfully wealthy life is very much possible. It’s not as far-fetched as people might make you believe.

Roundleaf’s Wealth and Resource Planning program is focused on eliminating your financial stress with steady preservation of your capital and maximizing your investment returns over time. Our trusting and interactive partnership will help you create a roadmap to refocus and rebuild capital, fulfilling your unique financial needs.


3+1 Successful Steps of Building Sustainable Wealth

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Make Money Save First Invest Smart
Building wealth starts with steady cash-flow. A realistic budget based on expected income and expenses sets your path straight. Treat savings like any other essential commodity. Allocate the primary expense tag to Savings. You can start with 10% of your gross income. Start early. Venture into high-risk portfolios in the first few years of investment. Increase investments as your income grows.

Building wealth can seem daunting because of the many variables. With the many books of money management information out there, it is often hard to digest and relate.

Accumulating wealth can often take a lifetime to build… and maintain. Markets change, life situations evolve, and there are always odds and too much at stake. No wonder you may feel daunted. Perseverance is key, and that’s where most people lose out and settle for less. Don’t be that guy! If there were a step-4 to this formula, it would read: Stick to It.

Established strategies, success stories, and formulas won’t work for you, because those don’t take into account your unique motivations, aspirations, and financial goals. Trust yourself to forge your own path to financial freedom. With a thorough understanding of your current budget, we can direct you to the right tools that will assist you in your journey.

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How the 3 Steps Translate into Our Wealth Planning Program

Capital Preservation Personal Finance Management Wealth Restoration
In building wealth, you must first protect the surpluses you have and the ones you may earn in the future. Our wealth program educates you on the finer nuances of preserving your hard-earned capital. You will learn to create buffers that help you stay on task and keep you from making abrupt decisions during downward spirals -decisions that may hurt in the long run. Without actions, financial recovery is just wishful thinking. We help you in creating an actionable personal budget that is detailed, SMART, and comes with contingencies. Our program covers the basics of building healthy financial habits to reduce unnecessary spending, purchase without debts, and put savings first. The path to amassing substantial wealth is riddled with choices. Each investment made can fuel a different financial objective: protection, income, or growth. The balance of your investment portfolio can make or break your financial dream. You need to be wise in choosing the best fit for you. We teach you to tread the fine line between risks and gains carefully.

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