When is debt settlement your best option for repairing your credit?

When is debt settlement your best option for repairing your credit? I’ve sat down with hundreds – if not thousands – of clients over the last few years, each one with their own unique financial situation and story of how they got there. But the one thing that they all have in common is that they have far too much debt – and are rapidly running out of options how to pay it off. In fact, Americans now have more than [...]


The Journey to Overcome Financial Stress

The Journey to Overcome Financial Stress If you have ever been faced with paying down high interest debt, you know it can start to feel overwhelming at times; almost as if your debt is simply running your life and you’re just along for the ride. Many people go through times like this and the feeling is very stressful because it can take many years to eliminate debt. You feel like you can’t catch a break when it comes to your [...]


Preventing Employee Burnouts

Small companies can have the problem with too much work needing to be done.  Some team members can feel the pressure of feeling that they must do all the work at once, often times burning them out.  Burnouts can result in poor customer experience and a bad feeling in the office.  Richard Hua from Roundleaf Inc. wrote an article that was posted on the Huffington Post called Finding the Balance to Prevent Burnout. This article goes into detail about how [...]


Hiring Tips for Small Firms

Hiring can seem like a nightmare sometimes, especially for smaller firms.  Although any business can have issues hiring new staff members, smaller firms have the added pressure of making sure that each member of their team is going to accurately represent their company.  CEO and owner of Roundleaf Inc. Richard Hua wrote an article for the Huffington Post, Hiring Practices for Small Firms which details the process of hiring for small firms. Richard separates the hiring process in 3 different [...]

Rising Debt

10 Reasons Why Your Debt Keeps Rising

Past medical bills: insurance may not have been able to cover them entirely leaving you with more than you can afford Source of income decreased: whether it be losing a job, having hours cut at work or a death in the family, monthly bills cannot be paid with current monthly income Poor management of money: spending too much on luxury items and not leaving enough to pay bills afterwards Financial illiteracy: not understanding the financial system and how credit may have a [...]


The College Student Guide: How to Not Overspend

While it might sound dramatic, admitting you have a problem with spending money is the first step to stopping and taking control of your own finances. As a college student there are various opportunities to spend money when you might not necessarily have it (or it could have been spent elsewhere). Going Out Nights out at the bar, concerts, eating out to avoid the cafeteria food, the list goes on, but as fun as these activities can be, looking at your [...]


Your Personal Health is Dependent on Your Financial Health

Media experts constantly discuss how the trend of increased levels of personal debt are negatively affecting financial well being of the country. But few talk about how bad debt hurts someone on a personal level: it hits not only your finances but also your home and your health.   Unfortunately, we often gloss over the mental toll of having a growing debt, especially when it is offset by the gratification of using your credit card to purchase something nice. But Credit [...]


The True Cost of Credit Card Debt

Kyra thought she’d never get into trouble with her credit cards again, after she’d finally managed to control her spending habits. But when her business fell apart, she found herself facing the same problems again. Balance transfers seemed like the perfect way to ride out the storm. But the debt kept rising and her income could not keep up. The money juggling act finally crashed when the balance transfer offers stopped. With nowhere else to turn, Kyra found herself [...]


How Credit Can Affect My Interest Rates

Your credit score is the primary factor in determining the interest rates creditors will charge you. Your credit score, good or bad, reflects your credit history. So the higher your credit score, the less of a risk you pose to the lender. If you have a low credit score, creditors will charge higher interest rates, along with fees and deposits, to compensate for the risk of you potentially defaulting on the loan or missing payments. The Pain of Higher Credit [...]