Case Studies

The Mental Health Impact of Debt.

Owing serious sums to your credit cards and other debt accounts may just be business and numbers on paper, but if you’re in that financial situation, then you know that the stress, pressure, and worry about paying bills has profound mental health implications. Of course, different people experience the gambit of reactions and psychological effects when faced with debt. While…

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The Math Behind the Minimum: Calculating the true cost of credit card minimum payments

Most credit card companies keep their exact algorithms for determining minimum payments under wraps. However, there are whole threads of research by mathematicians and statisticians who try to break down the math behind the minimums, using something called the Bond Evaluation Formula. Quite simply, it is: ๐ต=๐‘ƒ(1+๐‘–)+๐‘ƒ(1+๐‘–)2+…+๐‘ƒ(1+๐‘–)๐‘›=๐‘ƒโˆ‘๐‘—=1๐‘›(1+๐‘–)โˆ’๐‘— Got it? If thatโ€™s just slightly ahead of your high-school level calculus, we…

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Breaking down successful debt negotiations and settlements:ย  The leverage of the lump sum.

At Roundleaf Inc., weโ€™re in the business of negotiating and setting debt for our clients, among other services that make sure theyโ€™re on a better financial path. And while weโ€™re the industry leader in safe and effective debt negotiations, we also like to take the time to educate our clients, audience, and the general public as much as possible. Today,…

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The True Cost of Credit Card Debt

Kyra thought sheโ€™d never get into trouble with her credit cards again, after sheโ€™d finally managed to control her spending habits. But when her business fell apart, she found herself facing the same problems again. Balance transfers seemed like the perfect way to ride out the storm. But the debt kept rising and her income could not keep up. The…

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