Small companies can have the problem with too much work needing to be done.  Some team members can feel the pressure of feeling that they must do all the work at once, often times burning them out.  Burnouts can result in poor customer experience and a bad feeling in the office.  Richard Hua from Roundleaf Inc. wrote an article that was posted on the Huffington Post called Finding the Balance to Prevent Burnout.

This article goes into detail about how to effectively help my employees maintain a comfortable setting in the workplace.  Some of the tips that were given include the following:

  • Give your employees a short list of projects to accomplish
  • Include long-term and short-term tasks
  • Give leniency when it comes to hours
  • Encourage your team not to bring work home

Richard is the CEO of Roundleaf Inc., he has a great understanding on how to prioritize his team.  If you are interested in learning more, I highly recommend that you read his full article.  Richard goes into the causes and consequences that happen when a burnout occurs.

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